Womens Sleeveless V Neck Romper


This Womens Sleeveless V Neck Romper is the perfect summer outfit – it’s stylish, breezy, and gorgeous. You’ll love how it makes you look and feel. Show the world your fashion sense and your confidence. Don’t miss this chance. Order yours today!



Color: Carmel, Blue, Black, Green, Brown

Size : S, M, L

Material  : Polyester                                        

Size     Chest      Waist     Length      Hips 

           36”         24″         32″          41″

          38”         26″         33″         43″           

L            40″         29″        34″          46″ 



*measurement may be slightly different due to measuring method        


M, S, L


Caramel, Blue, Black, Green, Brown


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